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bleedblack_rsc's Journal

Bleed Black Resources
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Bleed Black Resources;;

About The Community;;
Bleed Black Resources is a community brought to you by walkwiththedead and
tragic_icons. I made the community in order to post my resources, including and not limited to: textures, icon textures, icon bases and brushes. I hope they can be of some use to you.
The Rules;;
COMMENT and tell me what you're taking. This is a huge thing because if I don't get a lot of comments I won't make resources anymore. I want to know that they are being taken and used, otherwise what is the point? I'm not a CREDIT nazi, but crediting is really nice so that other people can find the journal and benefit from the resources as well. Please DO NOT steal my resources and claim you made them. You can use them for anything you want, anything at all. Above all, enjoy them and use them!
Link Back;;
If you would like a button to link back here with, I have provided one. A text link is just as great and I appreciate anyone who links back here.

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